Pure Touch Only From Now On, They Said So

by Bridget Hayden



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"Bridget Hayden is a singer, guitarist, piano player, and a visual artist, based for a while now in semi- rural West Yorkshire. In the seven-year period since her last solo LP – A Siren Blares In An Indifferent Ocean, released by the Belgium-based Kraak organisation – she has put out a number of short-run cassettes, such as last year's fine tape of blown-out synth/vocal recordings on Fort Evil Fruit, and contributed to several interesting compilation projects, but a vinyl follow-up is what the 'Other' music community has been craving.

This LP, therefore, has been a long time coming and provides the first full-length documentation of a number of zones that the artist has been inhabiting in live performances of the recent past: blasted, highly personal blues that has lurked under the surface of previous releases but that appears here in starker form; two-chord torch songs that use minimal structure to achieve maximal atmospheric tension; and a vocal melodicism abstracted by a gravitation towards the ecstatic possibilities of noise.

Beginning by using two slowly enunciated guitar chords in what sounds like Skip James tuning as a solid base on which to layer a variety of sky-bound instrumental and vocal lines, what develops is a record of significant heft and rare intensity, driven by the slow movement of heavy metal slides and the distorted surge of the guitar's lowest end. The contrasts herein – of density and starkness, turbulence and calm, grounded instrumental drone and vocal soar – are suggestive of great weights being borne and lifted, and of an artist letting go."
(jon collin, 2018)

“I’m not sure my B grade GCSE English skills are quite up to articulating just how profoundly moving and devastatingly gorgeous this record is. ‘Pure Touch Only From Now On, They Said So’ is as pure a distillation of the human spirit into sound as you’re ever likely to hear. You can just tell Bridget Hayden submits herself entirely to the music – there’s something just so natural and organic about the way the music seems to slowly pour out of her. Minimal, wraith like guitar shapes appear to be channelling old folk and blues spirits – I swear I can almost hear Karen Dalton communicating from beyond the veil. The entire record just weeps from beginning to end, and yet doesn’t feel maudlin, rather it feels redemptive and somehow uplifting. Her beautifully spectral voice utters a language beyond words that although could never be transcribed, can be FELT ever so deeply. Its a stream of conscious like delivery – the raw energy beautifully captured by the decayed fidelity of the production. Very few modern “human being playing guitar” records resonate with me on this sort of level, but Bridget’s music is just so touching – its fragile and ghostly atmosphere is truly spellbinding.”

Norman Records

“Wow, just fucking wow.”

Bullet Proof Socks


released September 9, 2018


all rights reserved


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